3 Super Secret Facts About Denver’s Blucifer Blue Mustang

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The initial reaction to seeing Denver’s Blucifer Blue Mustang 32 foot cast-fiberglass sculpture at Denver International Airport is typically, “What the heck is that?!”

A lot of this has to do with the odd way that the Blue Mustang, AKA “Blucifer” is somewhat hidden from the road, playing a bit of peek-a-boo while you drive past it. Also, it has red laser eyes that pierce through the night sorta like the original Terminator.

When the sculpture was first envisioned, it was meant to be in a park-like setting. This way people would be able to meander up to it and marvel at it’s beauty and sophistication.

But, remarkably even though it’s almost always viewed in a drive-by flash, it holds more mystery, controversy and intrigue than any other piece of Colorado public art.

Still, most don’t know the super secret facts about the Blue Mustang that make it a Mile High Classic. Uncover the mystery and then find out how you can incorporate the iconic style of Denver Blue Mustang in a modern western look below!

Denver’s Blucifer Blue Mustang Secrets

Blue Mustang Fact 1. It’s Massive Size Caused Huge Delays and the Artist’s Sudden Death.

Many people wonder how Denver International Airport (DIA) artwork came to life. According to an artist who helped out at the time, the simple truth is that it was a lot about friendships. Think about it. You are in charge of commissioning cool artwork for a new airport and you have a large budget to work with. Of course you are going to think of your artist friends first!

This might explain why the Blue Mustang artist, Luis Jiménez, may have been a bit over his head. Sure the sculpture had a $300,000 budget, but it was a level of work that most artists cannot easily accomplish. (Denver actually ended up paying $650,000 for the completed Blue Mustang.)

Sure Luis Jiménez had created this type of fiber-glass sculpture before, but nothing to this scale. Coming in at an amazing 9,000 pounds, the Blue Mustang sculpture eclipsed his similar work and caused a delay to the point where the City actually filed a lawsuit over its completion.

Sadly, the likely stress over the enormous task of the Blue Mustang sculpture ended in tragedy for Luis Jiménez. While working to finish the Mustang, a large piece of it fell on his leg severing an artery that ended his life.

Even though Luis Jiménez did not live to see the completion of his vision, his sons finished the sculpture and the artist’s estate is still fiercely protective of it today. (More about that later).

Blue Mustang Fact 2. Some Believe it Has Mystical Powers

People have a visceral reaction to the Blue Mustang, unlike any other artwork in Denver…or anywhere for that matter.  There was even a Facebook group dedicated to trying to take it down.

However, on the other side, some people are captivated by the Blue Mustang and its seemingly supernatural powers. This comes from the legend of the Blue Mustang and what it actually represents.

When people talk about Denver’s Blue Mustang, they typically give the watered down version of it representing the “freedom of the West.” But, Blue Mustang symbolism goes much deeper than this.

In spiritual symbolism, Blue Mustangs are messengers from the divine and bring important omens, cautions and prophecies. This notion becomes even more interesting considering that the artist gave his own life to bring Denver’s Blue Mustang to life. When you think of the profound journey of the Blue Mustang artist, it really takes on a higher level of meaning and consciousness.

Blue Mustang Fact 3. The Family Fights For Blue Mustang Rights

Just recently, the estate of Luis Jiménez made it known that the estate will fight to retain all rights to using Blue Mustang imagery on any form of artwork.

Late last year, Abstract Denver was notified that any and all Blue Mustang artwork featured on shirts, stickers and wall art violated the artist’s estate intellectual property rights.

This came as a surprise to the Abstract Art Owners who feel like art depicting the Blue Mustang should be fair game. 

However, given the history and legacy of the Blue Mustang, it’s understandable why the people behind the artist’s estate are protective about how the Blue Mustang is marketed and depicted. However, anyone can still honor the sculpture’s enduring legacy, style and flare.

How to Capture the Style and Mystique of Denver’s Blucifer Blue Mustang

Get Denver’s Blucifer Blue Mustang Inspired Modern Western Look

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