5 Best Tips to Enjoy Your Red Rocks Amphitheatre Concert From a Local

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Red Rocks Concerts are often life-changing experiences. However, if you go to a Red Rocks Concert unprepared, you can make key mistakes that ruins the fun. Red Rocks Amphitheatre is really unlike any other concert venue on Earth. That’s why its important to learn insider secrets to make sure that your concert is everything you expected and more. Get the EXACT info you need to know with these 5 best tips to enjoy your Red Rocks Amphitheatre Concert.

5 Best Tips to Enjoy Your Red Rocks Amphitheatre Concert

Tip #1: Park Like a Pro (or Ride Share Like a Pro)

Parking at Red Rocks can be a tad confusing which is why you want to familiarize yourself with the layout before you go. Check out the Red Rocks map below that details the location of the entrances and various parking lots so you can get a sense of where things are at.

It’s a great idea to bookmark this page as a handy reference guide you can refer back to on your phone when you get there. Keep in mind that the roads wind up the mountain and twist and turn so it might be hard to get a sense of direction. Being able to quickly reference this map can save a lot of time!


Find the Best Parking Lots and Entrances for Your Needs

Tailgating—If you are going to tailgate, the upper south lot is ideal. It is a smaller lot so you want to get there early to grab a space, but it has the perfect tailgating vibe. Keep in mind that you will NOT be able to buy any supplies at Red Rocks or really anywhere near the venue. Red Rocks is known not to offer any substantial food or beverage services, so pack accordingly! In fact, food and drinks inside the venue are scarce, expensive and not that great.

Prepare for Intense Hiking and Walking—*IMPORTANT* Red Rocks requires fairly intense hiking to get into the venue. This is not the time for you to ignore your medical needs and try to brave it out! Seriously! The Upper North Lot is ideal for anyone who is unable to walk or hike into the venue. Also, Red Rocks makes a special effort to accommodate people with special needs or disabilities. Look at your specific concert info for detailed information.

Insider Parking/ Ride Share Secrets

Ride Share—While the Ride Share pickup has improved, it can be an absolute congested nightmare. An expert tip is to consider booking a limo for the evening and sharing the cost with friends. Not only will a limo be able to take you to the most prime drop off location at top, but it is easy to connect with your ride when you leave. You might be surprised that the cost for a limo is similar to Ride Share cost when split amongst friends!

Head Past Entrance 1—Virtually everyone will immediately turn into Red Rocks Entrance 1 because it is typically the first Red Rocks entrance you encounter. Consider Entrance 2, 3 or 4 for quicker in and out. Also, Entrance 2 is where Box Office and Will Call is located.

Do Not Park in Morrison!—You may be tempted to pre-game in Morrison and then walk into Red Rocks. DO NOT CONCERT PARK IN MORRISON. Morrison is notorious for giving out tickets for speeding and parking violations. Your car might even be towed away. With that said Morrison is a great little town with tasty food or drinks to consider for an early meal before your show.

Tip #2: What to Take and Wear to a Red Rocks Concert

Treat your Red Rocks concert like you would a day hike as far as clothing and supplies. Not only do you have to consider the physical exertion, but there are tons of stairs, sharp corners and slopes everywhere. Locals know to be careful with the alcohol consumption. Red Rocks is not the place where you want to be drunk!

Prepare for Weather—The temperature can swing from hot in the day to downright cold at night, so take a warm layer that you can tie around your waist. A comfy and cool hat is great to protect your head and face and isn’t annoying at night.

Shoes should be broken in and on the athletic side like these stylish hiking boots. Keep in mind that it is very rare for a concert to be canceled due to weather, so you might be exposed to the elements!

Consider a mini glass bottle necklace that will enable you to take some of the vibrant red sand with you as a keepsake. These also make a super-unique and welcome gift!

Are People Standing or Sitting?—Consider if your concert is the kind where people are more likely to stand or sit down. If you think you are going to be sitting down, a versatile blanket no larger than 40″ x 60” is nice to have.

Take Relief with You

Boiron medicines come in easy twist ‘n go pocket tubes to take with you to your Red Rocks Concert for easy relief. Just simply twist the bottle cap to take the meltaway pellets at first sign of symptoms.  No water is needed and products contain no artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors, or preservatives.

Favorite symptom relief to consider for festivals and/or concerts are:

Nux Vomica—On-the-go hangover relief for upset stomach, nausea, heartburn and irritability.*

Arsenicum Album—For nausea, diarrhea and vomiting.*

Arnica—Temporary relief of muscle pain and stiffness due to minor injuries, overexertion and falls. Also great for pain, swelling, and discoloration from bruises.*

Gelsemium—Stress reliever to calm occasional nervous tension and apprehension.*

Histaminum—Allergy relief for hay fever, hives and indoor and outdoor allergies.*

Hypericum—Relief from nerve pain associated with minor injury such as radiating or shooting pain in the back and legs, and toothaches.*

*Claims basked on traditional homeopathic practice, not accepted medical evidence. Not FDA evaluated.

Carefully review this list of permitted and prohibited items at Red Rocks Amphitheatre to plan accordingly.

Tip #3: Head Into Red Rocks Amphitheatre As Soon As Possible

Since Red Rocks Amphitheatre is a public place, there is typically this time in the day when people are wrapping up their sight-seeing and workout sessions and the venue is transitioning to the evening concert. It’s really nice to head into Red Rocks super early—even as early as when the venue first opens for concert seating.

Being in the venue early is a wonderful time to take pictures, get your Red Rocks Concert merch and check out the Red Rocks Visitor Center. Just make sure that you are prepared to stay in the venue so you have a full stomach and snacks/drinks on hand.

Tip #4: Try and Get VIP

All performers and crew are super excited about being at Red Rocks and sharing this achievement with friends and family. Thus, it’s not uncommon to meet people directly related or working with the performers and/or crew. Especially if you are there early! Be open to making friends and talking with people at the event as you never know where this might lead. Perhaps you will be elevated to special VIP seating just by befriending a family member. From a locals experience, Red Rocks is a friendly place for people to get VIP opportunities just by chance!

Also, you might wonder what the backstage area looks like. Just like the visible stage area, the backstage is surrounded by natural rocks and features a wall signed by all the legendary musicians you can think of. The backstage craft services area is really odd and about the only place in the venue that isn’t beautiful. There is a ramp that leads from the backstage to the concert stage. Can you imagine running up the ramp to a roaring crowd?!

Tip #5: Put Down Your Phone

Red Rocks concerts are often awe-inspiring so your first instinct might be to try and record everything on your phone. However, if you are recording the entire concert you aren’t getting the full Red Rocks experience.

Before mobile phones, a Red Rocks Concert meant getting fully immersed in the atmosphere, one-of-kind quality of sound, beautiful starry night and the full-body emotional and spiritual connection. A Red Rocks Amphitheatre Concert can truly be one of the best nights of your life! Thanks so much for checking out these 5 Best Tips to Enjoy Your Red Rocks Amphitheatre Concert and look for more insider tips from Hashtag Denver!

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