AquaLiv $600 Water Purification System + $25 VISA Gift Card Giveaway

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We are so excited to bring you the AquaLiv $600 Water Purification System + $25 VISA Gift Card Giveaway!

Discover water like nature intended that is one step beyond purification! 

We are extremely excited about partnering with our friends at Natural Products Network to bring you this giveaway! Simply put, it is the BEST and most healthful water that we have ever experienced.

Here’s what we noticed after drinking water from AquaLiv:

Amazing Lightness and Taste. We didn’t notice how HEAVY other water is until we tasted AquaLiv. It is invigorating and quickly absorbed into the body for a lightness and energy that we can FEEL.

Healthier Skin and Hair. Our hair become more bouncy and shiny and our skin more dewy, glowing and supple after drinking AquaLiv! Even a few wrinkles disappeared!

Vanishing Health Problems. After consistently drinking the water, we noticed huge positive health impacts including getting rid of a lingering cough, fading age spots and healthy weight loss.

Saving Money and the Planet. We replaced all bottled water with AquaLiv in a reusable bottle and no longer crave high-priced “designer” water.

AquaLiv Revolutionary Purification System

The secret is that the AquaLiv purification system uses a completely different and progressive purification process! A blend of medias including activated coconut carbon are used in massive quantities to remove contaminants without also removing the beneficial minerals.

Naturally Alkaline

With AquaLiv you can skip the side-effects of drinking artificially alkaline water. AquaLiv makes water alkaline with minerals; just like you’ll find in Mother Nature. This includes magnesium, the miracle mineral that is known for its wonderful positive health effects!

Now, you can enter to win an AquaLiv System of your own AND a $25 VISA Gift Card so you can buy a nice water bottle to take AquaLiv on the road! Simply enter your information below and follow the directions for your chance to win. US only. Ends 1/17/20. Must be 18 to enter. Good luck!