Dennis Herrera Builds Creative Family Business

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After losing two close family members in a short amount of time and pushing through a surgery that almost cost him his life, Dennis Herrera had endured unimaginable pain and gained a new understanding of life. Although he had a successful career as a computer programming and application designer, he decided to pursue a new path and dedicate his time and effort to helping his wife build her wedding cake business.

While still recovering from surgery and weak to the point he could barely function, he pushed himself to get better to help his wife pursue a Food Network opportunity. While he never thought of himself as creative, he excelled at the problem solving skills needed to identify the right steps to become a creative force.

“I learned my body, my health, my life and my family are what is important, so I decided to not let life control what happens next. I wanted to be healthy for my family and help my wife’s business grow. I gave notice to my job and left my career to go into the wedding cake business with my wife,” he says.

He found that his wife was making these beautiful wedding cakes, but the photos were seriously lacking in showcasing them. Thus, Dennis decided to buy a fancy DSLR camera, but unfortunately his first pictures were worse than with his cell phone. This is when Dennis knew he needed to learn how to properly operate his camera and edit photos. Even though learning the operational part was key, it was his time spent going out and shooting photos that made all the difference. While perfecting his craft he started to get noticed by the Denver community and build a presence on Instagram and Facebook to drive the wedding cake business forward.

As Dennis dedicated his time to figuring out how to grow traffic to his family business, people started liking what he was creating, which gave him the fuel he needed to continue.

Today, Dennis has more than 11,000 Instagram followers who enjoy his work and a community of photographer friends he collaborates with on a regular basis. He loves to shoot the gritty side of Denver and turn something overlooked into a photograph that thousands of people will love. His drive and determination to overcome the odds and find beauty in the unexpected is what makes his work, and life, so powerful.

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