Five Colorado Wellness Essentials

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Whether you are a Colorado Native or a Colorado Newbie just visiting Denver on vacation, here are five Colorado wellness essentials that you need to know about to enjoy Colorado to the fullest.

The fact is that Colorado’s unique climate and conditions might catch you off guard if you aren’t prepared. And even if you feel that you are prepared, you are probably still missing the mark when it comes to being equipped for the unique Colorado environment.

Embracing the best in Colorado wellness can help you look and feel your best.

Thankfully, these five Colorado Wellness Essentials will help you feel healthier and more prepared. This way you can get the most out of your Colorado experience whether you are here full-time or just passing through.

Five Colorado Wellness Essentials

1. High-Altitude Hangover Relief

Most people are not prepared for the altitude difference when it comes to drinking alcohol. In fact, many have to cut their Red Rocks Concert Experience short because of the difference alcohol can have in the higher altitude.

This also goes for ski vacations and really any Colorado Adventure that includes after-activity cocktails. Not only do you have to watch your booze intake, the hangovers can be vicious and unforgiving. Thankfully, the right Colorado hydration and electrolytes approach can make a world of difference.

The key is to start your hydration efforts early in the day before you consume any alcohol and replenish your liquids and electrolytes while you consume alcohol. You also need to account for change in elevation when going from Denver to the mountains so that you don’t get a raging hangover.

The good news is that this is easy to accomplish once you know what to do.

First off, steer clear of the chemical laden sports drinks that can ultimately make you feel more crappy. Instead, opt for a clean hydration drink like R.W. Knudsen Recharge Sports Drink that is known as the “sports drink without the junk.” In fact, this readily available sports beverage can be an absolutely blessing when it comes to replenishing in the Colorado Climate.

A good rule of thumb is to drink about twice of the good liquids that you would normally consume to hydrate yourself appropriately. If you feel at all even remotely thirsty, do not drink any alcohol. Stop and take the time to hydrate your body before hitting the booze AND make sure to continue hydrating while you drink.

A Denver Native tip is to also eat an organic cucumber to replenish your body while drinking alcohol in Colorado. You probably aren’t aware of this, but cucumbers contain Vitamin B and electrolytes, making them the perfect hangover and headache cure.   

2. A Versatile Second Layer

When you are in Colorado, it’s important to know how to layer your clothes. The weather often fluctuates from warm and sunny to downright chilly in what seems like an instant.

The key is to have the right second layer that can come on and go off when you need it. Often people make the mistake of a large jacket, which can be cumbersome, annoying and really ruin your fun. On the other hand, being too cold is really awful when you are trying to enjoy everything that Colorado has to offer.

The best bet is to opt for a Versatile Fleece Jacket, that is easy to tie around your waist if you get too warm and can provide optimal warmth when you need it.

3. The Right Sun Protection for Colorado

People tend to get sun protection wrong in Colorado. The higher altitude and beautiful sunny weather can add up to disaster if you don’t take the right precautions.

First off, it’s important to think about your entire body and not just your face. For instance, wearing the coolest Colorado hat not only helps to shield your face, but also protects your head from the elements.

Also, don’t forget about your shoulders! A day in the sun can cause massive burns on tender shoulder skin. Think twice about that tank top!

And of course you want the right sunscreen. The best sunscreen we’ve found is made by a Colorado company and provides optimal protection without the harmful chemicals.Goddess Garden Sunscreens are an everyday solution with sheer zinc broad spectrum protection. Products are also vegan, reef safe, cruelty free and have an inviting organic lavender essential oil scent.

4. The Colorado Approach to Dry Skin

When it comes to combating the dry Colorado climate, your first skincare approach might be to slather on all the rich creams that you can find. However, this would be a rookie mistake.

Instead, you want to acclimate your skin to the dry condition. This means taking special care of your skin microbiome so that it can adjust to the climate. Having a balanced and nourished skin microbiome is essential to getting the best Colorado skin care results.

Unfortunately, using rich creams and harsh cleansers can actually get you further away to the skin balance that you are looking for.

Mother Dirt Skin Microbiome Products work to nourish and protect your skin without disturbing the important skin ecosystem. By using gentle, but powerful prebiotics and probiotics, these products support and nourish your skin’s own natural ability to adapt to environmental and climate changes.

5. Parasite Cleansing After Outdoor Adventures

When you first read this, you might be thinking…um what? But, the fact is that playing outdoors can mean picking up internal parasites from your surroundings.

Getting a parasite infection can be as easy as having some slightly tainted water, snuggling with your pets and/or walking barefoot outside.

Thus, if you love the Colorado outdoor lifestyle make sure to learn the exact steps how to do a parasite cleanse. Fighting internal parasites can open up a powerful new path to wellness and energize your life!


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