Five of the Best Hidden Denver Destinations (That Only the Locals Know About)

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Denver vibrates with an abundance of great bars and restaurants, outdoor attractions and mountain-city culture. But what about the hidden gems that only the locals know about? Here are five of the best hidden Denver destinations to check out ASAP!

1. True Colorado-Style Mexican Food and Green Chili

Step off the tourist track and enjoy some of the best Colorado Style Mexican Food Denver has to offer.

To enjoy authentic Colorado-Style Mexican food, head to La Casita. Here, you will find one of tastiest Mexican neighborhood restaurants serving Denver inspired dishes.

You have to try their family recipe green chili smothered on top of a crispy chili relleno or scrumptious burrito. Also, don’t miss their famous tamales. Seriously…SO good!

2. Electric Colorado Chill

If you want to celebrate in a bar that represents the chill, yet progressive Colorado way of life, head uptown to The Thin Man. Everything about this place instantly feels like your favorite bar.

You’ll fall in love with the delicious infused vodkas, friendly crowd, highly original decor and eccentric staff.

Once we spotted Aziz Ansari at The Thin Man after his sold-out comedy show and no one even approached or bothered him. People in Denver are just chill like that.

3. Theaters Featuring Local Playwrights

While you’re in the Denver Highlands, make sure to check out Theater 29. It used-to be a karate studio, but it’s now a low-key and somewhat mysterious creative venue.

Theater 29 and other local theatre venues feature a network of self-producing playwrights and artists who develop and produce memorable and original events.

4. Red Rocks Amphitheatre Cemetery

The Red Rocks Cemetery is located near the base of the Red Rocks concert venue, but many people don’t know about it. This straight-out-of-a storybook gravesite dates all the way back to the 1800s.

It’s actually quite difficult to be able to earn a spot in the Red Rocks Cemetery as it is for locals only.

Thus, the cemetery is specific to the special folks who call Red Rocks home. Perhaps, this is why the Cemetery has a very intense energy? Seriously, some of the strangest-in-a-good-way people live in Red Rocks!

Explore Red Rocks Haunted History and plan your own ghost hunting adventure. Many report hearing noises, seeing bursts of light, feeling strange gusts of winds and even seeing spirits at the Rocks.

5. Serving Denver Since 1873

Denver’s oldest bar, My Brother’s Bar, is still kicking and better than ever! Although the bar has changed hands over the years, it’s managed to keep it’s down-home energy, solid menu, good prices and friendly, family-run staff.

But the best thing about it is that it’s preserved enough of its history that you can still see some of the original fixtures and elements tracing back to its beginnings in 1873.

It’s long-standing success really comes down to two brothers who worked various roles at the restaurant day in and day out for many years. The joke is that on the rare occasion when they received a complaint one of the brothers’ would say, “Don’t look at me, it’s My Brother’s Bar.” 🙂