Geovanny Flores Turns His Misfortune Into Magic

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Geovanny Flores began his adventure as a Denver-based photographer when he was unexpectedly laid off from his job. His sudden job loss was especially devastating when he questioned how he was going to provide for his wife and daughter. However, instead of letting this turn of events get him down, he decided to take action and in this process found his true calling.

“I remembered I bought a Canon t1i for my honeymoon, so I grabbed it and started looking at YouTube videos and then took pictures of my daughter. After that I told my wife I wanted to take a picture of the downtown Denver skyline,” he says.

“When capturing Denver, I went and took a long exposure at night in downtown,” Geovanny remembers. “That was one of the best feelings ever because I felt that I could be good at something.”

While his drone photos have gotten him a lot of notice and new followers, recently he has taken up portrait photography and discovered a different side of his work. His stunning use of composition and color effectively captures the mood and beauty of his models in a magical and unique way.

Recently, he has featured stunning car photography on his Instagram page in addition to his amazing shots of Denver. He also counts his wife as his biggest influence and knows that without her support none of his success would be possible.

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