Matthew Clark Captures a New Perspective of Denver

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Matthew Clark’s journey into photography started when his longtime friends pushed him to believe in his creative vision. Although he always enjoyed taking photos throughout his life, he found himself developing a deep passion for the craft. Initially, he started shooting on his iPhone with some attachable lenses, which taught him a lot about framing, depth, light, and all around composition.

He shot mobile for about a year-and-a-half until he pushed it as far as he could and wanted to achieve the types of shots he could see in my mind. After he made the transition to a full frame camera, it opened up new doors for his work and enabled him to implement new features and techniques into his photos to give him a greater appreciation for the craft. His style leans toward urban and street with an emphasis on the grit of the urban landscape, but he can’t deny the beauty of nature—especially here in Colorado.

“It’s the simple details that are the threads in my work that seems to remain consistent regardless of the setting,” says Matthew.

The things that most people don’t notice, look past, or take for granted draw Matthew in. These are the subjects that tend to catch his eye. Focusing in on these menial objects, combined with their environment as an abstract backdrop, makes for some interesting compositions and offers an opportunity to capture a new perspective of Denver.

These days, most of his shots are centered on a low perspective and shallow depth-of-field. His unique down-low perspective creates photographs reminiscence of something out of a Denver fantasy world. It still amazes him what the human eye doesn’t pick up by itself—and how the lens of a camera can bring a whole new world into focus.

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